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Avaya IP Office IP406 Office V2 Processor

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Quick Overview

The Avaya IP Office IP406 V2 includes 8 digital station (DS) and 2 analog phone (POT) ports. It includes an 8 port Ethernet LAN switch and Compact Flash card slot for an optional embedded voicemail memory card. It supports up to 6 external expansion modules plus IP extensions controlled through its LAN interface.with a maximum configuration of 250 of various types in combination.

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  • Free Manual (by request only)
  • Free 15 minutes of Technical Support
  • 8 Digital Station (DS) ports for supported 2400, 4400, 5400, 6400 and T3 Series phones plus wireless (US) phones.
  • 2 Analog telephone ports.
  • DTMF signaling (No rotary or Loop Disconnect)
  • Timed Break Recall (No Earth Recall)
  • Caller ID capable – a variety of standards, see later
  • MWI capable – 82.5V and Line Reversal
  • 8 10/100 Mbps LAN Switched ports (Layer-2, unmanaged).
  • Support for optional embedded voicemail/auto-attendant (Compact Flash card)
  • 9-pin DTE Port (for maintenance or Feature Key connection for application licensing).
  • X.21/V35 WAN interface.
  • Support for up to 6 IP Office Expansion Modules:
  • Phone modules (8, 16, 30)
  • Digital Station modules (16, 30)
  • Analog Trunk Module 16
  • So8 module
  • External O/P socket supporting two relay on/off switch ports, e.g. for door entry systems.
  • Audio input port for external music on hold source.
  • 2 trunk interface card slots for analog, BRI, PRI (T1, E1) or CAS (E1R2)
  • Internal socket for IP Telephony expansion – voice compression modules (from 4 to 30 channels)
  • Internal socket for internal modem (2 or 12) for Remote Access Services
  • 50 Data channels
  • Up to 20 VoiceMail Pro ports
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Requires Power Supply (405362641)

    Expansion Modules
    Through support of up to six external Expansion Modules, IP406 can be enhanced to support a mixture of analog, digital or IP phones, to maximum of 190 phones in any combination. If additional analog trunks are required, these can be aggregated in groups of 16 on each analog expansion module

    Data Channels
    A Data Channel is used for Remote Access (RAS), Internet Access, and Voicemail sessions. A data channel is an internal signaling resource used whenever a call is made from the IP network to an exchange line (Central Office). For example, four people surfing the Internet will use a single data channel since they all share the same line to the ISP. Two people remotely accessing the Office LAN from home will use two data channels since they have dialed in on separate lines. IP extensions do not use data channels. Data channels are used for voicemail connections with a maximum of 20 available for VoiceMail Pro on an IP406 V2.

    Modems and Voice Compression modules
    You can add additional hardware to the IP406 system to add one modem card (2 or 12 V.90 modems) and 1 Voice Compression Module (VCM). The VCM supports from 4 to 30 simultaneous Voice over IP sessions and is used for either providing networking between sites over a Wide Area Network or supporting IP Telephones and Soft phones.

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